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......@@ -47,4 +47,12 @@ If this works without issue then, skip forward to the installation of wfm-stitch
On OSX this would be done via `export PYTHONPATH=/Applications/`, or on linux via `export PYTHONPATH=/opt/Mantid/bin`. After doing this, recheck that the mantid modules are in the python path via `/usr/bin/python -c "import mantid"``, which should produce no error.
### Astropy caveat and versioning
Astropy, the up-to-date pacakge for loading fits files, [does not install cleanly]( via pip without a c++ compiler. While we work around this issue, the default will be to install `v0.1.0` (see tags) of the WFM stitching package, which depends on the deprecated [pyfits]( package. Note that you will see this warning at present.
```PyFITS is deprecated, please use PyFITSDeprecationWarning)```
If you want to use astropy, instead and have a suitable environement to support it, you can install it by using `v0.1.2` of this package, which you can pass as a command line argument (`-v`) to the installation script.
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