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# NICOS Demo Container
# NICOS Container
## Configuration
## Check out the correct branch
For example, to run up the CSPEC demo:
git checkout cspec-demo
Or for YMIR:
git checkout ymir
You get the idea ;) `git branch` is your friend.
## Checking the configuration
See docker-compose.yml.
......@@ -16,22 +29,3 @@ Attach to the nicos-client server and run:
When prompted for server host and port, enter nicos-server:1301.
Use the `NewSetup` command to load the required setups, e.g. for cspec:
NewSetup('vacuum', 'cryo', 'just_bin_it', 'samplecell', 'cspec')
To get a list of availables setups:
Other useful commands for getting started:
* start_filewriter("Some title)
* stop_filewriter()
* SetDetectors(det)
* count(t=10)
* ListCommands() - this will list all the commands a brief description
## Connecting via the NICOS GUI
The locally running GUI (e.g. on your machine) should connect to port 1305 rather than the usual 1301.